Ryan Sage
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NBC // The Wiz/Voice

The Wiz Live / The Voice

When you have a live musical there is no better place to market your show than on the Voice. Taking it a step further than just airing a normal spot during the show, we decided to mash up the two shows and see what it might be like if Dorothy auditioned on the Voice and then have the Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow and Toto as the coaches. Great idea, one small problem, the Wiz was shooting and rehearsing in New York while the Voice shoots on Universal Studios in Hollywood, little tough to combine those two worlds.

The solution? Box up the Voice chairs and mail them out to New York, shoot the Wiz cast on greenscreen and then integrate that footage with existing show footage from Los Angeles. Iron Claw took on the challenge of comping all the shots together and did a fantastic job. Below the main spot you can find a couple of rough cuts that show the progression of the spot.

Director & Editor: Ryan Sage
SVP: Dave Dore
VP/Creative Director: Tracy Grandstaff
Producer: Matt Van Buren
Writers: Jeff Drake
Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas
Visual Effects: Iron Claw
Colorist: Sparkle @ Technocolor

Here's a look at some rough cuts. One is prior to the shoot to lock down timings and camera angles, the other is a first pass without any comping.

Ryan having a ball with David Allen Grier, Neyo and Elija Wood.

Ryan having a ball with David Allen Grier, Neyo and Elija Wood.