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Some of Ryan's work from the first 3 seasons of Modern Family.

"In the Moonlight (Do Me)" Dylan Music Video. (Director & Editor)

"Baby Don" never released Funny or Die short. (Co-Director & Editor)

Cast and Crew interviews - Season 1 (Director & Editor)

Behind the scenes of Modern Family... in 60 seconds (Director & Editor)

Season 1 Promos: Head Bump, Edward Norton, Valentines, Christmas, New Years (Writer, Producer & Editor)

Season 2 launch promos. (Writer, Producer & Editor)

EW PopWatch: "Yes, Dylan, we want to do you underneath the moonlight"

By Wendy Mitchell

One of the many highlights of last night's Modern Family was the closing sequence of various family members singing that catchy yet wildly inappropriate song Dylan had written for Haley. And now we can revel in the full glory of "In the Moonlight" with this music video revealing new lyrics ("underneath the willow tree/wearing nothing else but me"). It is exactly the kind of video this eyeliner-ed high school senior would have made, complete with humping the mic stand, running his hands through his hair like Robert Pattinson, snuffing out a candle with his fingers, the obligatory car ride on a rainy night scene, and champagne flutes of milk. In other words, you must stop whatever you are doing and watch it immediately.

Note to Phil, he's much more entertaining than "that weird looking lady from England." And when that chorus inevitably gets stuck in your head, ABC is also offering an MP3 download.

Behind the scenes of "In the Moonlight" Music video shoot with Dylan. 
(Full music video at the top of this page)