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A Big Love Story








A Big Love Story

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From a script bought off Craigslist for $500, and with a total budget of only $50,000, first-time director Ryan Sage sculpts a truly unique award-winning romantic comedy.

Sam is a former college football star whose chance to play in the NFL ends with a blown out knee. Seven years later, he finds himself alone, working a minimum wage job and weighing a depressing 413lbs. Enter Cassie, a personal trainer who not only helps Sam lose weight, but find love. Steering clear of the standard transformation formulas, Sam finds acceptance - and love - in unexpected places.

Hollywood Reporter hails the "whittily naturalistic dialog and terrific performance from the ensemble," while Critirioncast simply calls it, "an absolute revelation". A Big Love Story is available on DVD and digital download from iTunes and AmazonPrime.